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Turn Your Website Into A Lead Generation Machine!






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I’m so glad you stopped by. Below are some easily downloadable pdf files that can tell you about me, my company, and my areas of expertise.

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Here are a couple of other pages on the site that offer you more info too: 

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Sparta Success In The Press

“I am very happy to share some thoughts regarding Kelle Sparta, as a trainer, leader, professional and person. I have had the good-fortune and pleasure of knowing Kelle as my ‘new agent trainer’ … I can truly say that not only have I not been disappointed by her, but I also know that Kelle has been crucial to the success that I have already seen in my new career. Kelle is a very dynamic and effective speaker and trainer. She is very informative and has a very strong command and knowledge of the real estate sector and people in general. Her effectiveness is further reinforced and supported by her honesty, sensitivity, perceptiveness and insightfulness towards people and the challenges of life. Kelle is an extremely very fast thinker, caring person and teacher; and has extremely commendable work ethic. Kelle is always looking at what more she can do for other and not at what she doesn’t need to do. You will get more than your times worth out of Kelle.”

Denise Russo Denise Russo